New Balance Indoor Grand Prix
Reggie Lewis Center on the Campus of Roxbury Community College

Wed, Feb 01, 2012

Kick It With Maggie

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Your prediction on the Super Bowl?
Patriots 34, Giants 31.

2011 was a very solid year for you.  What is the primary positive you take away from 2011 going into 2012?
I have a solid team in place and we know how we need to operate to be successful.

Outside of the 800m, what athlete in the sport do you most like to watch compete?
I love watching Jesse Williams high jump. It just blows my mind how he can make it over that bar! I also love watching Lashinda Demus. She's just so focused and gives every ounce of herself to the task. It's admirable and inspirational. And she's also a mommy!

California is not known for indoor track meets.  Do you like racing indoors?
I do like racing indoors. It's tight, fast and exciting. The crowd is close and it just makes for a hyped up, fun experience.

How fast could you run in an open 400m when you are 100% racing fit?
My best is 53.5. I'd like to think I can run in the 52 range at peak fitness.

If you weren’t a professional runner, what do you think you’d be doing?
I wanted to be a professional jockey but I got a little bit too big for that job! I think I would like to be a psychologist of some sort...industrial organizational or sports.  Possibly some type of apparel design.  I love the world of health and fitness, so something in that realm.  Maybe coaching someday.  There are several things I can see myself getting into.

Favorite place in the world to race? To train?

I love training in Texas with my coach, Rose Monday. She beats me up pretty good but she also spoils me a bit and I like that! I really love racing in California.

Look ahead at the Olympic Trials.  What sort of time do you think it will take to make the team?
I'm pretty sure it will take a low 1:58 effort.